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                          4. 0571-64618808

                            Quality Assurance


                            The company invested in the construction of a laboratory of more than 600 square meters and a large-scale valve parameter computer (CAT) data collection center, which can meet the requirements of raw material composition analysis and testing, material physical performance testing, spare parts accuracy testing, product performance parameter testing, etc., and computer data collection center Can deal with valve dynamic performance test parameters. In order to improve product quality and meet customer requirements, it provides quality assurance.

                            We have a quality management team with a sound and experienced quality management system. Adhering to the management philosophy of "product quality is manufactured", it has established 11 quality control systems for design, technology, materials, welding, heat treatment, non-destructive testing, measurement, physical and chemical, inspection, equipment, and pressure test, focusing on customers. Promote a "zero defect" culture and continuously improve to meet customer requirements.

                            The company has passed ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, ISO45001 certification, special equipment manufacturing license A1 certification, national high-tech enterprise, etc., which is a strong guarantee for product quality.

                            Computer data acquisition and processing valve dynamic performance testing system, dynamic testing and collecting valve performance parameters.

                            Raw material inspection

                            German spectrometer

                            Universal testing machine

                            Metallographic testing machine, etc.

                            Process detection

                            Advanced testing equipment, three coordinates, projector

                            Finished product inspection

                            100% inspection and testing, 20 pressure test equipment